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Asli Contents

World's Largest Hindi-Urdu-English Dictionary

These letters are sorted in English alphabet manner.

Hindi Word Urdu Word US English  Meaning
Chhat Chhat Rooftop
Chhup Chhup Hide
Chhupa-Rustam Chhupa-Rustam Hidden spying person
Chhaata Chhatri Umbrella
Chhura; Chhuri Chhura; Chhuri Knife
Chhappar Chhappar Fence Roof
Chhachhundar Chhachhundar Large Mouse
Chhajja Chhajja Balcony
Napunsak Chhakka Impotent
Chhad Chhadi Stick
Chhakda Chhakda Cart (Bullock)
Chhappan Chhappan Fifty Six
Chhanboor Chhanbur Waste Flour; breads
Chhiyalis Chhiyalis Fourty Six
Chhichhora Chhichhora Filthy
Saya Chhaaya Shadow
Chhamiya Chhamiya Girl with
Chhalni Chhalna Filter (Tea, Flour)
Chhal Dhoka Cheat
Chhaliya Chhaliya Loafer
Chhaaliya Chhaali Beatle fruit seed
Chhyanve Chhyanve Ninety Six
Chhutku Chhutku Small boy
Chhota Chhota Small
Anuj Chhota (Bhai) Younger
Chhokri Londiya Girl (esp. young)
Chhole Chhole ?? (Large pulse)
Chhole-Bhature Chhole-Bhature A Deep fried dish

Translated and Compiled by Hashim Taylor


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Revised: May 04, 2012
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